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Family’s Story

Carol Lynn Fuller

Carol Lynn succumb to a Glioblastoma brain tumor on October 5, 2022 barely 6 months after discovery and surgery. She was 71 yrs old and in the midst of enjoying retirement and her love of art with painting and drawing when she was taken by this cancer. She retired in January of 2016 after a 20 year career as as a Community Relations Specialist with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. She and her husband, Bob would have several years of retirement together traveling in their RV and taking their cats along for the trips to Arizona and Florida. Carol utilized traveling to spur her ideas for paintings and drawings. She often would paint and sketch during the periods of time in Arizona and Florida.

Where do we go?

Carol was a very giving person in life and she remains so after her death as she was donated for medical research at Northwestern School of Medicine, specifically for brain cancer. The intent of the Foundation is for creating fundraising events utilizing music and art as the background of a festival. Monies raised will go to research as well as education purposes for those impacted by brain cancer and Glioblastomas. We will be making limited reproductions of Carol Lynn’s art available for purchase online as well as at local events.


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