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Foundation Story

On December 8, 2022 I went out to local microbrewery, The Golden Fox Brewery with a neighbor. This was the first time I got out of the house in months. I saw this as a distraction from dealing with all the post-death legal and financial hassles and of course, the emotional shock and awe of losing my wife, Carol Lynn to a GBM, in less than 6 months after discovery and surgery. I engaged in conversation with the bartender, Jami, who I knew kind of but then she reminded me she was from my Vet’s Office, working part time at the brewery. I had a good laugh at that as I knew her face, I couldn’t place it until she said that. She told me the brewery owner’s wife best friend of 45+ years was losing her battle with GBM. Hmm, this is pretty coincidental I thought, GBM is indeed rare.

A short time later the owner, Jim Fox came up to me and introduced himself and said, “I guess we have something in common.” The more we talked, the more the hairs on my neck started to bristle. One reason why I went out the brewery was to check on the facility and the possibility of holding a Celebration of Life for Carol Lynn. Jim started talking about what he was going to do about raising money for brain cancer research. He brought out information pack from “Stache Strong”, a not for profit organization that works with microbreweries all over the country to raise money for brain cancer research.

Again, my neck hairs were bristling.

That got me thinking over the next week or so, as I had started going thru Carol Lynn’s art work she did in retirement (and some a few years before) and a few unopened boxes of 40+ years and found art from her high school years in the 1960s. I had a moment of clarity. She had a sufficient number of quality artwork that I saw the possibility of putting together an art photo book. My intention still at that point, near Christmas did not fathom anything more than this. I busted my ass and by Dec 28th, I had pieced together enough to create an art book at one of the online sites. Then all of a sudden, after the start of the new year, it dawned on me, why can’t I set up a not for profit and do the same as Stache Strong? My idea is to bring together local artists and artisans with local bands and create some type of Festival/Gala event. I went back to Jim and we met for breakfast and was he very excited about this prospect. So mid January I applied for the Articles of Incorporation with state after I got close friends and family members consent to be on the Board of Directors.

This was just the beginning. I had to figure out how we were going to raise money, at least on my side of the event. The prospect felt insurmountable at that moment. What pieces of Carol Lynn;’s art can be of interest and value and how the heck do I get reproductions.

All thru this period I kept thinking and feeling that it was fate or providence that brought Jim Fox and I together on that December night. I only have him to blame, right? No it was Glioblastoma and the hell that cancer reeks on its victims and their families. I know Jim feels the same as I do, we have to do something. His wife’s friend deserves this and my Carol Lynn deserves this. So here we are, months later, planning a small event that will have a music and some local artists and artisans and the Celebration of Carol Lynn Fuller and all the people who loved her can have some of her work hanging on their walls to smile when they look at it. My late wife was the bravest and most courageous person I have ever known, She was my hero who made me heroic I could do no less then and I can do no less now. I thank whatever brought Jim and I together. Today I have The Carol Lynn Fuller Foundation Ltd.   We are going to do the best we can to help raise funds for brain cancer research, education and talking with victims and their families.  I know Carol Lynn is smiling some where.